Glasgow Based Singer-Songwriter and Artist

Ceiti is a Glasgow based singer-songwriter and artist. Her music contains elements of a variety of different genres/styles including heavy and alternative rock, ambient and atmospheric, pop and soul with elements of electronic/synth-wave and more. Her lyrics focus heavily on mental health and current world issues including the environment, human tragedy, empowerment and more.

With powerful and haunting vocals, lush harmonies, dynamically drenched piano accompaniment as well as the backing of sweeping guitar lines, strong and moving bass lines, spine tingling electronic elements with the drums bringing more of that dramatic element, Ceiti’s music proves that combined genres can work and fuse well effortlessly together.

After receiving a grant from Young Scot’s Nurturing Talent, Time To Shine Fund to record her debut EP-Ceiti is currently crafting and working on each track for her first solo EP which will be released this year. The EP itself is centred around mental health and her battles with the latter, in particular OCD. However, the last track will convey an empowering message to end the journey from struggle to rising up.

Each track has something different and unique but with a similar pattern and theme of mental health. Expect to hear emotive, powerful and haunting vocals, lush but jarring harmonies, dark and brooding vibes, dynamic piano, sweeping guitar lines, bass and drums to that really build the underlying powerful dark atmosphere but with underlying tones of hope and strength.
Each lyric draws you in with her imagery, taking you on a journey of her struggles into some dark places and trying to find strength, hope and faith throughout it all. Relatable, emotive and very personal, she shares and bears her soul through her music.


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