Singer / Model / Actress / Artist


JOY has been terrorising dance floors, clubs, bouncers at nightclub doors and to date has never queued or paid a club fee entrance in her life! Her philosophy is Viva, Live 4Ever Young! As a unique one woman act, she has performed professionally at high profile events such as London’s ‘Streets of Peace’ Event, Supported USA hit band Shalamar on their London Tour; the McMillan Cancer support Music Festival, Radio 1 Live Road shows, amongst performances at some of London’s most high profile night clubs, parties and events.

Think – 21st Century, secret love child of Grace Jones and Kurt Cobain, the gorgeous, outrageous and oh so sexy JOY will hit you between the eyes like an exocet missile…With an original distinctive eclectic voice with a raw kick Ass cutting edge attitude and larger than life personality – this delicious, Amazonian like creature with the energy of a hurricane will literally BLOW YOU AWAY!

Having rocked England for Life, at 5ft 10 inches tall with a gazelle like physic, a former International fashion model, founder and part of FCNK, she has also toured the globe with Secret Life, who massive hit AS ALWAYS (Stevie Wonder).


This Original 6 EP single Pwas first released in Oct 2010 and got noticed by the World NewsNetwork as Facebook’s rockstar of the Week, it entered Roger Sanchez’s Top 20 and still has the support by superstar DJ’s Worldwide on the main Dance Club circuits to present date.

Her single RockStar 4 the Night part II released on 12.8.2013, and broke through straight into the top 10 @ No 9 in the Upfront Club charts in Music Week. (16.08.2013)

“Rockstar 4 The Night PT2 is even better…’

“This 6 EP package released by Prolifica Recordings, the version by Italian DJ/Producer/master mixer RICKIE SNICE, provides a remix full of vocal effects and inspired by the modern so-called Disco house. This remix joins its deep bass line to a fusion of classic trumpets and an acid riff sound. Hands in the air are compulsory!” 10/10 BRILLIANT

Her R$4TNSingle can be defined as New wave electro rock rap with phat heavy basslines, soaring piano and cuts like razor edgy street talking lyrics.

In another life: JOY is the modern disco diva that brought you Andrea Doria’smonster club hit ‘BUCCI BAG’.

SHE is the modern disco diva that brought “The Scissor Sister’s – More Lemonade,which featured her Lyrics and vocals as the follow up to BUCCI BAG and club hit Work This Pussy by Mad 8.

To date she has had 6 single releases as a lyricist/vocalist. All tracks are available on Amazon (32 various albums), I-tunes, Beatport, HMV, Deezer, Spotify and all other digital platforms.
Jumping into a new life:
JOY is currently in process of reinventing her style and sound with a new musical concept: “Digging Deep Into the Deep” – And back in another dimension!