Sunshine In My Head

Mark-Anthony Abel

Singer / Song writer / Musician / Producer / Artist


Mark-Anthony has been on a journey of discovery these last few years. Recently completing a masters in Criminology and working with Soundsbadmusic LTD he has developed his ability to create great songs even further. There is an immediate change to the beautiful acoustic progressions we appreciated with his first album Sunshine’s in My Head, an album so delicate in parts and bold and hot in others.

His voice particularly in songs like ‘GENERATION’ and ‘Personally I Believe’ represents a change of tact as if what came before wasn’t exactly what he wanted, but in truth it is simply more a desire to connect, to communicate so much of his discovery with the world. Music as we all know is a great tool to share a message.

Mark-Anthony now uses technology to express his feelings, sounds made in a factory of the future. The NaKEd Future Part One album is a great amalgamation, finely tuned and raring to be set free. The acoustic guitars now sharing space with sailing strings, soaring vivaciously through powerful vocals, mechanically woven riffs and thumping beats, this is a great amalgam indeed. Something else has changed, you might have missed it in his earlier songs as he gently wrapped you in a white duvet protecting you from reality, now he tells it like it is because like it or not there is so much pain in this world. So has Mark-Anthony changed or has he really just returned home? All great artists have many strings to their bow, clearly this applies to Mark-Anthony as well, as when using the spoken word he produces enticing melodical verses.

The change in direction in some of his songs is as necessary as the change needed to brighten up our world, to return to the good old days when life was simple and music, well music has always been a tool for change. You’ll hear it in his track ‘SUMMER’ with the starkness of the 808 kick, in ‘I Just Wanna Make Love’, it’s a Byork fest of mechanised beauty but it doesn’t end there as the B-sides are tremendously raw with feeling and expression and most importantly, vibe as remixes from Soundsbadmusic, Sukteet Productions encourage a renaissance of Dub love. Expect some great B-sides from MISFIT SONS as well. NaKEd Future is the perfect title for a man who has otherwise shrouded his meaning.

Mark-Anthony is ready to join the real world. Don’t expect to be depressed by this sound as Mark-Anthony has always been a genius at getting the balance just right and some tunes off this album, ‘AND IF IT’S OKAY’ for example seem destined for the club dance floor. For all those that loved his first Album Sunshine In My Head because of his amazing distinctive voice expect this and a whole lot more. A NaKEd FUTURE, might just be part of the future of music.



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