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Stephen David Wakeling (KosmetiQ)

Music Composition, Production, Sound Design specialist and DJ

For over 15 years I have been working in the field of TV, Film and Advertising. I am also a partner for Qritikal Media. My journey began whilst working along side Drive Productions as their lead Music and Sound Designer.

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During the 10 years with Drive, I worked on a number of Award winning projects, pioneering and sculpting new and epic sounds across Promo’s, commercials, TV series as well as live visual and immersive experiences. The key to sound and music is understanding the quest narrative and structure of the visuals to incorporate the right pace, emotion and effect to bring the visuals to life, I feel very passionate about this.

Whilst with Drive, I joined forces with music legend Paul Foss to set up Qritikal Media. Qritikal has been running since 2016. Building the Company, we now have access to the English Session Orchestra as well as a sound implementation specialist and an array of engineers, sound designers and composers.

KosmetiQ @ Wembley 2

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