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Bounties of Allah (Fadl): A Divine Attribute by Ejaz Rasool, 5 Dec 2021, Tolu e Islam

In this video

This presentation is on Allah’s Fadl as a Divine Attribute. A number of verses are quoted and their meanings are explained to elaborate this aspect.
The scope of the presentation is noted below:
‘This presentation will cover the Divine Attribute of Fadl and will not compare with other Attributes e.g. Rehmat and Naima. These aspects will be covered under the system of Deen as part of Rabubiyat. ‘

Following are covered in this presentation:
1. Root of Fadl
2. Messengerhood is a Fadl of Allah
3. The Quran is Fadl
4. So is practical Shariat
5. Human life is not meant to be complicated
6. Allah’s guidance is Fadl
7. Provision of peace is Fadl
8. Law of Respite is Fadl
9. Manifestation of Fadl as an attribute in our life
10. Conclusion

In this presentation reference is also made to other Divine Attributes. Manifestation of these attributes in our character is essential for the self’s development and this enhances our vision in all directions in this life. For further study:
a. The Human Self and Allah, G. A. Parwez
b. Lughat ul Quran, G. A. Parwez
c. Mutalib ul Furqan, Volume 3, G. A. Parwez

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