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Children: Education, Training and Self Development Part 1 – Ejaz Rasool, 12 Sep 2021 – Tolu e Islam

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This presentation covers aspects of educating children to help parents organise it with a view to provide education in the Quran. This presentation covers the following points in some detail:
1. Responsibility as parents
2. Helping children to develop their self
3. Forming habits and their importance
4. Helping children to create desire and need
5. Making the Quranic teaching interesting
6. Some relevant verses

The world around us is the creation of the human intellect and this is the best which the human intellect can create at this point in 2021. Through trial and tribulations there will be adjustments made but these will not reduce human problems. This is due to the fact that the man-made system subjugates fellow human beings and this is unacceptable to Allah. Human beings need guidance of the Quran to eliminate fear and grief from the world.
Human beings have been bestowed with choice and intent and our creation is for a great purpose. Children need to understand their own significance in the light of the Quran and if they pick it then this will help them to set very high goal in life i.e. to be on Sirat e Mustaqeem and then acquire a Momin self with a view to work for the system of Deen.
While educating themselves they need to widen the horizon of their consciousness by acquiring the knowledge of the Quran and parents need to help them in this regard.

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