Children Of Abraham: Part One (Religious History Documentary) | Timeline

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Bryan Richards
Bryan Richards (@guest_1803)
1 year ago

jews, catholics, and muslims have been fighting for centuries. All three are anti-Christian.

Bryan Richards
Bryan Richards (@guest_1802)
1 year ago

Abraham was NOT a jew.

Black Diamod
Black Diamod (@guest_1801)
1 year ago

Ham Shem Japheth – Origin of Ethnicities? First We Must Understand Scripture Does NOT Say That Noah Had 3 Sons of 3 Different Races:

Black Diamod
Black Diamod (@guest_1800)
1 year ago

The Israelites wrote their name in their language with the letters עברי. The letters I V R I represent עברי in English. In the original tongue used to write the Bible, the word the letters represent is pronounced Erverh. A direct translation of the name of the ancient Israelites will read IVRI (pronounced Erverh). However, in time, this true name of the Israelites took a backseat. What replaced the name of the Israelites is a great departure from the truth.


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