Christianity – Not a Religion of Laws, A Relationship of Love through Believing in Christ

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ZeusHelios (@guest_2906)
9 years ago

@BigE7 Thank you for your comment. Its all starting to make more sense to me. I knew there had to be another answer to all this especially the one that was about an eternal torment. I knew a loving God would not create such a place. Now God is sounding more like the God I always believe him to be. Thank God.

ZeusHelios (@guest_2905)
9 years ago

@BigE7 Thanks for all your comments and information. I thought I was never gonna find the truth. This sounds like the truth to me and makes so much more sense.

Cheek Life
Cheek Life (@guest_2904)
9 years ago

@ZeusHelios Yes the gospel message is so simple by just believing it not doing 20 things to get God's acceptance of works and so many Christians not knowing their true identity is in Christ. ……I saw this quote awhile back and wanted to share: We have been trying to please a God who has already been satisfied, change the life that has already been transformed, fight an enemy that has already been defeated, run a race that has already been finished….stop struggling & enter into God's Rest!

Cheek Life
Cheek Life (@guest_2903)
9 years ago

@ZeusHelios I'm glad I cleared up a lot of misnomers that you and other Christians have struggled with for years. I was in the same place but so glad I was exposed to the Grace message that for so long has been kept under guard in the church. I would recommend you listen to Joseph Prince who is an awesome teacher of God's grace. It's like I became a Christian all over again and what it really meant to see God as He really is…The way he sees us is through His SON!

michael harding
michael harding (@guest_2902)
9 years ago

Thanks for a very good video.Thursday 2-6-2011


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