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Conversation with Sarfraz Qarni 23 Jan 21 – Human Self and the Quran

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This conversation took place between Dr Ejaz Rasool and Mr Sarfraz Qarni to discuss the human self and its development in the light of the Quran. A number of issues are discussed in this clip including what is Quranic Eimaan, the righteous deeds and how to get help from Allah. The Quran is a complete book of guidance and it is our choice to accept this guidance or not. Human beings do not have inner guidance as we have traits of choice and intent. The world which we witness around us is the product of the human intellect and this is why it has problems of poverty, exploitation, uneven distribution of wealth, conflicts, even chaos… all created by human hands. Some of us wonder if there is an alternative to it or not? This conversation discusses this very aspect. The conversation is mainly in Urdu. Any questions … please note in the comment section.

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