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Death and the life in the Hereafter (Urdu Version) – Ejaz Rasool – 30 May 2021 – Tolu e Islam Talks

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The is the Urdu Version of the original talk given in English. It is longer than the previous talk as includes more detailed explanation of some of the points.
Death remains a mystery for many people in the world and due to the instinct of self-preservation human beings do not wish to die. We also wish to live for ever and in order to fulfil this wish human beings in power have preserved their dead bodies. Another path is to survive through having male progeny. Still we witness death of other fellow human beings who disappear from this life as if never existed – just their name remains behind.
Many of us also look for some explanation about death and the possibility of the life of the hereafter. The world religions provide some possible explanations for the life of the hereafter as beliefs and all these are at variance with each other. The question which comes to our mind is – what is the fact about the life of the hereafter? The Quran presents the purpose of physical death by pointing to the existence of Nafs within us which if developed through its guidance can have a life of the hereafter. In fact the addressee of the Quran is the human Nafs (or self) e.g. (21:10).
The Quran has referred to many aspects of the life of the hereafter and some of these are shared in this presentation. The book titled ‘The Life in the Hereafter: What Does the Quran Say?’ by G. A. Parwez (Urdu version Jahan e Farda) is recommended for further reading.
Following is covered in this talk:
1. Definition of Akhira
2. Two concepts of life
3. Why should we know about the life of the hereafter?
4. Consciousness, sleep and death as per the Quran
5. Immortality in the hereafter
6. Evidence for the life in the hereafter
7. What is known about the life of the hereafter so far
8. What should we do when we approach our later part of life

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