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Dua and Its Meaning – Surah Al-Baqra Verse 186 April 1969 – G. A. Parwez – Tolu e Islam

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This audio is taken from the original audio Dars on (2:185-188). It is on the importance of Dua which is normally translated as supplication or prayer. The verse (2:186) is explained in detail with cross references to other verses.
Dua is to call out someone – it is not asking Dua – its more related to asking for direction to Allah’s guidance. The Quran has presented itself as a guidance for mankind and this is how it should be viewed by us. If we are looking for guidance in our life, then we Dua to Allah for direction. It is like asking someone for direction having reached a cross road.
The Quran presents the details of the system of Deen and we need to look at its value system in that context. Allama Parwez has referred to many aspects of Dua – he concludes by stating the sequence:
We acquire Eimaan and then Dua for direction and then do Saleh deeds which then leads to the development of our self – then we come together to become part of a Jamaat…. this is how the Quran guides us on Siraat e Mustaqeem…

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