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How Solar System is defined – سَبْعَ سَمَاوَاتٍ (Seven Heavens) – Mumtaz Khan – 13 Dec 2020

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Following is covered briefly in this presentation:-
Three-Pronged Confirmation from The Quran:
1. Quran on subject matter put together at one place
2. Precision of word method; No synonyms each word is important
3. Work of God Confirm Word of God: Solid State Science
Construction Of The Solar System In Two Stages
1. Stage 1: Manufacturing of 92 elements and transporting them to the site
2. Stage 2: Construction of Earth and along with our Solar System
Fundamentals to study Al-Kitab (The Quran)
1. Revelation does not contradict reason.
2. Revelation does not contradict reality.

• Quran to be treated as revealed yesterday. Quran is for each period, each culture, and each language
• Quran must be read with un-perceived mind-set
• The aim of interpretation is to establish a constant harmony between objective reality, which we perceive via our senses, and the theories and laws that we derive from reading the Quran.
• Metaphoric verses describe solid fact away from normal human observation range
• Quran should be read with an open mind and with contemporary knowledge
1. Verses from the Quran on the subject matter put together at one place
All the verses of the Quran related to a subject matter, together with their context, are put at one place. Understanding is developed based upon full picture given in the Quran. It is important to approach the Quran with un-preconceived mind-set.

2. Precision of Word Methods
To substitute one word with another would have meant a loss of precision and clarity and could have led to potentially serious misunderstandings. The Book displays an astonishing precision, reflecting the majesty of its divine Maker. The Qur’an combines the perfect style of literary poetry with the accuracy and precision of the best scientific writing

The Precision of word method entails that there is no synonym in the Quran. Each word in the Quran is precisely given by Allah, and it gives unique meaning at its place. No word in the Quran is less important and no word in the Quran should be ignored. Even the grammatical variation in the word have its own meaning.
Precision of Word is a new method and once adopted, it enhances the understanding of the Quran by many fold and surprisingly, many verses which were just read and not pondered, glow with critical meaning. Knowledge of Arabic language is important in this method. Even a non-Arab can make good progress.

3. Quran with Science Method
Universe is created by Allah which we may say as work of God. At the same time, the Quran is the word of Allah. Between The Quran and Creation, contradiction is not possible because the source is the same.

One of the miracles of the Quran is that it has Mutashabihaat (metaphorical) verses, their outward textual form is fixed but their content is moving. This means that they can be constantly reread in the light of new progress in our knowledge of nature and the universe. This may happen throughout the entire history of humankind.

Facts of the universe are coded in Arabic language in the similitude words available at the time of revelation. Most of these verses are categorized as allegorical. With the knowledge of solid state science, most of the metaphorical verses appears to be in the range of human observation and knowledge.

Our Solar System was constructed in two stages:

Stage 1: Manufacturing of 92 elements and transporting them to the site
Stage 2: Construction of Earth and along with our Solar System
Some light has been thrown on both these stages in the presentation.

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