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Human Psyche and the Quran Conversation 2 – exploring the boundaries of Human Thought 31 Jan 21

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This is a conversation between Mr. Sarfraz Qarni and Dr. Ejaz Rasool to explore the boundaries of human thought and consciousness. A number of issues are discussed related to the modern psychology and the assumptions on which the research is is based. The Quran invites us to base our study and research on facts which it presents and invites us to gather evidence for it through our intellectual effort. Following points are discussed in some detail:
1. What is the state of the modern psychology in understanding the psyche of ordinary human beings in the 21st century.
2. How does the Quranic guidance differs from this?
3. What is the purpose of human creation from non Quranic and Quranic perspectives?
4. How should we look at the human consciousness or our own consciousness in the light of the Quranic guidance?
5. What it means to manifest the Divine attributes in our worldly life?

If we acquire the Quranic self through Eimaan and Aa’maal e Saleh then essentially we acquire a new life or a new state of our Nafs which makes us look at the world from higher status of human eminence. It then manifests this reality on us that the man-made world is full of problems which can be eliminated through the system of Deen. We can change this world into a better world as envisaged by the Quran – a world where we live a joyful life free from fear and grief (Huzn) and we can be assured of the life of the hereafter and a life of further development and creation. Since choice and intent are implicitly included in our ‘I’ hence these attributes stay with us even when we die physically and this ‘I’ will get a new means of expression in the next life – however, if we want this new means of expression and manifestation then we need to acquire this new self here in this life. The Quran provides that procedure and process – Tolu-e-Islam provides this very platform to share these aspects of our self’s development.

Following books are recommended to explore these areas further:

a. What is Islam? by G. A. Parwez
b. The Human Self and Allah by G. A. Parwez
c. The Human Self and Iblees by G. A. Parwez

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