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Human Self and Allah Jul 2019 # 1- Dr. E. Rasool

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This short video provides an overview of a recently published book on Amazon titled ‘The Human Self and Allah’ by G A Parwez. The concept of God given in the Quran is based on laws in the universe and also the laws working within human self. The Law of Requital works 24/7 and the Quran states in 45:22 that the purpose of the human creation is to hold everyone responsible for what they do in this worldly life. The book provides further details of the working of this law. The details of the attributes of Allah are explained in the book and man is invited to manifest these attributes within the confines of human limitations in order to solve our problem. Since we as humans have a free will and also intent, hence we are provided an option to follow the guidance of the Quran or to follow our desires. The choice is ours but consequences are not- whatever course we take in life the consequences will be beyond our control. The first birth of ours is not in our choice but how we spend our life in the world is within our choice. If anyone wishes to ask a question about the issues mentioned in this clip please use the web site Islamicdawn.com.

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