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Human Self or Nafs – by Ubedur Rehman Arain 24 Jan 21

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This talk was delivered under Tolu-e-Islam Seminar forum. This covers the aspects of human self (or Nafs) as noted in the Quran. The Quran has put great emphasis on the development of the human self and its accountability. Every Nafs is accountable for its deeds as noted e.g. in (45:22). Regarding the self’s development the Quran has invited us to help fellow human beings with whatever means we have and this will help us to understand the problems of mankind under the system created by human beings. In this way by helping fellow human beings we will come to this conclusion that there is a need to create the system of Deen. The talk covers aspect of manifestation of Divine attributes (Allah’s Colours) in our Nafs so that we develop and grow our self to that level where we are enabled to play a part in the establishment of the system of Deen. The speaker has referred to a number of verses during his talk and some of these are noted below:
Verse (2:138)
Verses (91:7-10)
Verses (92:5-10)
Verse (92:18)
Surah Ikhlas (112:1-4)

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