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Life and Death: The Quranic View – (acquiring ‘new life’) by Ejaz Rasool, 31 Oct 21 – Tolu e Islam

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This presentation briefly covers the concept of life and death as noted in the Quran. Following are covered:
1. The Root word of life
2. The Root word of death
3. Sacrificing a lower value for a Permanent Value
4. What is death? Using the Quranic Criteria…
5. Limitations of human intellect
6. Various verses are explained covering some important aspects.

Our death is a fact of life… whoever is born is going to die sooner or later. The Quran has noted the purpose of the human physical death and has given us good news by declaring that each self will taste physical death (3:185). By pointing to the human self it has informed us that we all have a self and the this self is not going to disappear with our death. Then the Quran has linked this self to the Law of Requital and informed us that each self is accountable for whatever it does in this worldly life – this explains the purpose of the human creation (45:22). This law makes us responsible for whatever we do in this life – we can use this life to acquire new life using the Quranic guidance. Our life becomes a fascinating journey with a lofty eternal aim of self development on the straight path defined by the Quran. The life of the hereafter exists as a fact and its evidence lies within the self’s development – this is where we look for an answer about the purpose of the human creation.

The Quran then goes on to explain the procedure to acquire a new life using our physical life as a base so that as we get older and older, our newly acquired life becomes stronger and richer… the procedure is to acquire Eimaan first (2:177) and then do Saleh deeds to strengthen this Eimaan – beginning of a new life of our self. It is a simply enjoyable way to live a happy and contented life – this life of the self can be evaluated by using the signposts of the Quranic value system. All the questions which arise in our mind about the purpose of our creation and existence are explained in the Quran. The Quran helps us to develop our self and then invites all these selfs to come together and work for the good of mankind through a system called Deen.
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