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Malaika (Universal Forces) and their role in human life – The Quranic Perspective by Mumtaz Khan

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This presentation provides details of the role of Malaika or Universal Forces in the universe as referred in the Quran in many verses. The speaker shares his understanding by citing examples and also throws light on few other issues related to direction and creation as noted in the Quran. This talk is related to modern science and the Quran has drawn human attention to many aspects of the modern science which are being discovered with the passage of time and with more research. The control of these universal forces has been given to man and the Quran has invited man to make use of these with a view to acquire a new self and then develop it further with a view to establish the system of Deen for the good of whole of mankind. Merely acquiring the control of these forces (Malaika) and using it for the benefit of few is not right – hence there is a need to utilise the benefits for all human beings who are equal by virtue of possessing the same ‘I’.
The speaker has provided references to various verses and it is recommended that we should look at these verses in more detail. Tolu-e-Islam is the only organisation in the world which projects the teachings of the pure Quran.

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