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Permanent Values – 2: The Human Self (Nafs) by Ejaz Rasool – 2 May 2021

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This presentation is bout the significance of the human self called Nafs in the Quran. The human self possesses certain potentials which need to be developed within the Permanent Values to get the maximum benefit in this life. When the human self accepts Eimaan in the Quranic value system then it essentially acquires new life which looks at the man-made world differently. The part of this understanding is that the human consciousness becomes aware of the issues of mankind and it sees the solution presented by the Quran. It sees the life of the hereafter as a definite reality and gradually through the righteous deeds as noted in the Quran the self rises to a level of a very high eminence. Creating a desire to have a higher self is part of this process of self’s development.
Many verses are quoted in this presentation which need to be looked at closely to understand the significance of the human self. Our ‘I’ essentially is ageless and we should be aware of the human desires, emotions and should ensure that it is aware of the thoughts coming from the brain’s activity. Gradually the field of view of our consciousness should increase to a level where it should get more and more benefit from the Quranic understanding.
The presentation also notes down a number of human default attributes as given by the Quran – these attributes should be taken into account and man has to make an effort to grow out of these states in order to achieve very highly strengthened self. The very self which can then go on to establish the system of Deen by working together with other similar selfs.
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