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Permanent Values 3: The Law of Requital (The Cause and Effect and Human Self) by Ejaz Rasool

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This presentation provides some details of the Law of Requital as applicable to the human self and its development. Following points are covered in this talk:
1. What is the Law of Requital as noted in the verse (45:22)?
2. How to increase the understanding of the Law of Requital and take advantage of this understanding?
3. How can the Law of Requital’s understanding help us to understand the Quran?
4. What are the barriers which prevent people from understanding the functioning of this law in daily human life?

Many verses are quoted in this clip which can help to expand our understanding of the Quran. The world which we witness around us is man-made world and the problems which we see are created by the human intellect and hands. Can we create a better world than this? The answer from the Quran is a big YES… we can change the world – only if we understand the system of Deen explained in the Quran.

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