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Psychological idol Worshipping (in Urdu) by Dr Hamid Mian, 28 Nov 2021 – Tolu e Islam

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This talk covers important aspects of human psyche related to holding on to beliefs which create idols and then continue living life with these beliefs which hamper the self’s development. Following aspects are covered in this talk:
1. The Quran has referred to idol worshipping in various verses. Some of these verses are mentioned to illustrate the issue of idol worshipping which is essentially some names which human beings first invent and then give these place in their heads.
2. Examples are given from our daily life.
3. The relationship between human intellect and human emotions/desires is explained in detail – this aspect needs our careful attention.
4. In order to develop our self we need to bring our emotions and desires within the domain of our intellect and then our intellect should function under the permanent values of the Quran. If we do not not do this then we create idols of all types which reside in our minds and which affect our daily living.
5. In order to get rid of these idols, we need to make an effort which involves the use of our intellect and reasoning and the guidance of the Quran. Reading and understanding the Quran with a view to understand the concept of Allah is absolutely essential in this regard. Various verses are quoted in this regard to highlight the issue.
6. Example of Hazrat Ibraheem is explained in some detail to highlight the procedure and process of dealing with idol worshipping around us. A number of verses are quoted and explained in this regard. However, we first need to realise our own self and then help others to acquire realisation of their selfs.
7. It is important that our intellect is aware of our emotions and is also aware of the Quranic values. Most mankind has created some god which they worship and this god never responds to them. Human beings do not like their god to respond as this may result in them doing something about their life.
8. Allah of the Quran is based on the concept which is based on Divine Attributes. Manifestation of these attributes helps us to get a response from Allah as detailed in the Quran – read the book ‘The Human Self and Allah’ by G. A. Parwez.

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