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Q & A Session – Children: Education, Training and Self Development Part 1 – 12 Sep 2021

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This session is related to the talk on the topic. Some questions were asked related to the topic and an informal exchange of understanding took place.
Children like adults need education and training – adults need to share their understanding with the children in order to help them develop their self. The Quranic value system helps children to understand the world better and they quickly come to grips with the issues of their own life as well as of others. A number of aspects are discussed in our presentations on this aspect and many other aspects of the Quran.
Tolu e Islam is fully committed to pass on the message of the Quran across the world so that whole mankind can draw benefit from its guidance. We have books and videos on many aspects of the value system of the Quran. If you need any help, then please feel free to contact us.

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