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Q and A session – Death and the Life in the hereafter – 23 May 21 by Ejaz Rasool

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This Question and Answer Session is related to the talk shared in the forum of Tolu e Islam on Sunday, 23rd May 2021. Some interesting and vibrant exchange of views took place and many aspects were discussed during this session. Some of the points are noted below:
1. How sleep is compared to human death as noted in the verse (39:42)?
2. Can we achieve a very high level of self’s development where things commence to occur in the human world?
3. In the hereafter how the life will account for different levels of development of different human beings?
4. How should we create desires keeping in view the life of the hereafter?
The discussion was in a very light hearted and relaxed environment. The link to the main presentation is also noted below. For further details please refer to the note under that presentation.

Link to the main presentation:


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