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Q and A Session – Rationale for the Quranic System of Sustenance- Ejaz Rasool 18 July 2021

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This session followed the main presentation on the topic. There were few questions and some comments.
There was a query regarding the conduct of Bazms of Tolu e Islam. The bazms should continue to spread the message of the Quran by using the books by Allama Parwez.
A question was asked about the role of democracy in establishing the system of Deen. Democracy is about making decisions by a majority. The Quran gives us Permanent Values which are absolute and we cannot argue on these values. The system of Deen is managed by a group of Momineen who work on behalf of Allah through the use of the Quran as the constitution of the Islamic State. The decisions are made through mutual consultation. The laws are given in the Quran – momineen make sub clauses. The rule is directly of Allah and these Momineen work on His behalf.

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