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Question and Answer Part – Eimaan: how it alters human psyche? Ejaz Rasool, 30 May 21

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This session was held at the end of the original presentation – link included at the end.
Few questions were asked regarding the effect of Eimaan on the human psyche. The Quran has referred to Eimaan repeatedly and has invited whole of mankind to seek its guidance. Without its guidance human beings can never ever live in peace as the human beings have no inner guidance since we have choice and intent. Eimaan as noted in the Quran brings change in our psyche and we commence living our life for a higher purpose i.e. come out of the draknesses of life into light and see things clearly. There are 5 constituents of Eimaan – Eimaan in Allah, Eimaan in the hereafter based on the Law of Requital, Eimaan in the forces of nature called Malaika, Eimaan in the Quran and Eimaan in Anbiya – the messengers of Allah who brought the revelation to mankind. Since man has a self, hence we need a higher Self of Allah as a model for our growth and development. The concept of Allah given in the Quran is based on Divine Attributes and these we need to understand first and then manifest these in our self through out thoughts and deeds. The Quran provides complete guidance for the development of the human self and invites us to prepare a self which can solve human issues created by the non Quranic minds.
In this session Eimaan is explained in clearly defined steps which we can understand and then practice in our daily life. Without practice we cannot develop conviction as we need evidence. Human beings need to create a desire to do something and they want some benefits for their efforts. Eimaan exactly provides that motivation by making us understand the reality of the life of the hereafter and to bring change in this world with a views to remove fear and grief created by human hands.

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