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Question and Answer Session – Rise and Fall of Nations: Quranic View – Ejaz Rasool -13 June 2021

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This session is related to the main presentation on this topic. The link to the main presentation is noted at the end.
In this session few questions were asked and some comments were made about the rise and fall of nations in the world. The nations which do not follow the permanent values, do not cater for the utilisation of their resources and wealth for the good of whole of mankind. As a consequence these nations gradually decline and loose their influence. Other nations then become more effective. The Quran notes the working of the Law of Requital which affects this process of decline and the human history provides evidence for this.
However, the Quran puts forward the concept of Deen based on Permanent Values which if followed then the whole mankind benefits from the resources of the world. This eliminates fear and grief from the world and mankind live a peaceful life.

Following books will help to study this further:
1. What is Islam? G. A. Parwez
2. Islam: A Challenge to Religion, G. A. Parwez
3. The life in the Hereafter: What Does the Quran Say? G. A. Parwez

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