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Question and Answer Session: Sexual Energy and Human Self – by Dr Hamid Mian – English Version

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This is recording of the Q and A session after the English version of the talk delivered by Dr Hamid on the subject. Few more questions were asked by members to clarify some points. Two questions in particular are of interest:

1. What should we do about youth who are indulging in promiscuous activity?
2. Does this talk advise to restrict the intimate relationship between husband and wife?

In reply to the first question Dr Hamid made it clear that every one is responsible for his or her acts in this life. No one can force anyone else to change their choice if they do not wish to change. We can let others know about wrong and right, but cannot force people to change their behaviour especially when the society at large allows it legally and permits it. The Quran has made it clear that each self is accountable for his own deeds.
In reply to the second query, Dr Hamid elaborated that what happens between husband and wife is their choice and they decide regarding the choices they make in their life. He further noted that the talk is about conserving energy to redirect it for a higher thinking and this is required in the form of social energy to become more creative. Family life should not restrict anyone from developing their self to a higher level – the self develops in proportion to the efforts we make in our life and the Quran has explained this in detail.
The details covered in Sex and Culture by Dr J. D. Unwin provide guidelines for nations and people to regulate their thinking and behaviour. The world we see around us is based on what we do – Dr Hamid elaborated this point in relation to the world of 2021. There is nothing predetermined in the human world – we shape our own world. If we change our psyche the outer world will start shaping according to this psyche. The Quran has made it very clear e.g. (13:11).

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