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Question & Answer Session- Life and Death: The Quranic View – Ejaz Rasool, 31 Oct 2021- Tolu e Islam

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This session followed the main presentation and is very vibrant. A number of questions were asked and discussed in the light of the Quranic value system.
Fear of death needs to be dealt head on and then removed through reasoning in the light of the Quran – it can be removed 100%. The Quran recognises the existence of this fear and invites us to think about the higher aim of life. It helps us to draw our attention to the world around us and then questions us – what is the solution to these problems created by human hands?

Then Quran asks us to question every aspect of our existence and find out the solutions put forward by the human intellect – as discussed in the main presentation, the Quran widens the field of view of our intellect and consciousness, and we can then see the issues facing human world and then also see the effectiveness of the solutions presented by the Quran.

The fear of death is removed by setting a very high goal of the establishment of the system of Deen and to pursue this aim by developing our individual self using the Quranic guidance. Then join those who are already on this path and thus hold on to the Quranic value system (3:103) together and keep expanding the horizon of our consciousness – slowly and gradually the things start becoming clearer and clearer. This also helps to disseminate the message of Allah to wider world and gradually people are attracted to the Quran.

Since death is for every human being, the Quran invites us to use this to motivate our self that since it is coming sooner or later, why not spend our life for a very high cause which gives life in this life i.e. growing out of the physical self and then the same developed self goes on to the next life (3:169-171). Here lies an important point to understand about the hereafter – when we come on this path and join together for a lofty aim of life of the system of Deen, our life in the hereafter becomes assured! This point is discussed in this Q and A Session. We need to come to grips with this… our death means that we have finite time loaned to us in this world – let us get the best out of our life and acquire a new life to help us understand our life and death – please watch the main presentation!

The book by G. A. Parwez titled ‘The Life in the Hereafter: What Does the Quran Say?’ also provides many details on this subject.

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