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Question & Answer Session – Marriage: The Quranic Perspective by Ejaz Rasool – 4 July 2021

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This session followed the main presentation on the topic ‘Marriage: The Quranic Perspective’. There were few questions and some comments on the topic. Following were covered:

1. Dr Hamid Mian put some light on the human self worth and explained its importance. He also mentioned the influence and interference of parents in the marriage of their children (Asian families). He emphasised on the importance of making choices in life and then live by the consequences of these choices. He advised parents to provide guidance to their children and then leave it to them to make their choices freely.

2. There was a question from a brother on the issue of helping find suitable match for children who are Quranic. This is an issue and those who are aspiring to find a spouse should first acquire Eimaan (2:177) and then do some Saleh deeds. The they will then be in a better position to know what exactly they are looking for. It was pointed out that if those getting married compromise on the Quranic guidance then they will reap the results – marriage is a lifelong commitment and needs sacrifice and tolerance. Please refer to the main presentation – link provided.
3. Another question was regarding spouses not actively participating in home chores – this needs education and training. Spouses need to understand that the responsibility of managing family affairs is not one person task – both husband and wife need to happily participate in this matter. Allah has given each one of us two hands and two feet and we need to make use of these to perform good deeds both within the family environment and also outside in the wider community. Not using these body parts effectively is not good for the development of our self. If one partner does not put his or her contribution then the balance in a relationship is tilted and the feelings of being exploited set in which are not good for the human psyche.

4. Another point was regarding brining up daughters with this mindset that they are there to serve their husbands – this mentality prevents getting best out of woman folk – both husband and wife are equal partners and are meant to be like that. If they remain unequal then they do not meet the criterion of the purpose of their creation and the Quran guides us on this aspect. Watch the main presentation – link provided.

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