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Question & Answer Session – The Concept of Shaitan in Relation to Deen: Ejaz Rasool – 29 Aug 2021

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This session is part of the main presentation – link noted below for the main talk.
Few questions were asked which include the following:
1. Iblees being invisible is called Jinn – is this part of Malaika? Malaika do not have choice and intent while Iblees has both choice and intent which is part of being human. So Iblees is manifestation of human trait. Explained in the main talk.
2. A question was asked regarding providing education and training to children. This aspect is covered in some detail. A number of steps are suggested including explaining the basic issues e.g. Eimaan and Saleh deeds and their significance, the functioning of the Law of Requital, human equality as a value, mutual respect, etc.
3. A question was asked re the division noted by the Quran in verses (58:19, 22) – all those who follow their desires without the benefit of Wahi fall into the category of those who follow Shaitan. This is not something derogatory but a factual state of each individual. We like following our desires and do not wish to be restricted – hence we suffer in life especially in relation to the life of the hereafter; as well as our desires cannot guide us to the path defined by the Quran. Without the Quran the hereafter cannot come in our desires and hence our self does not develop into that form which is required for the hereafter… we need to come to grips with this fact that our psyche needs to be formed in the light of the Quranic value system. What we become in this life – that is what goes forward. The Momine self is a prerequisite to the establishment of the system of Deen. Only Momineen can change the world and can become deserving of the help from Allah… It is not difficult to become a Momin – we all can easily become using the Quranic guidance. Tolu e Islam provides this platform to extend help to each one of us to become a Momin and once we have become one, then we need to strengthen this new self further and further – together as one Jamaat… it costs nothing except we have to do some Saleh deeds as per our means … there are immense benefits associated with this as noted in the Quran…
4. Some comments were made by members about their own understanding of the topic.

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