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Righteous Deeds (Aa’maal e Saleh) and Eimaan : Defining Scales – Ejaz Rasool – 6 June 2021

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This presentation covers a very important subject which is referred in the Quran frequently and has an important role in the development of the human self. It is in a way linked to the creation of Adam on the planet. This presentation should be watched together with the presentation on Eimaan.
Eimaan plays and important role in the creation of a new self which the Quran refers to it as the ‘new life’ and this changes the whole outlook of any human being who acquires this trait within his self. Without Eimaan man lives a life at a very much physical level and never takes into account the possibility of the life of the hereafter. Since each human being has a self which is given to him by virtue of ‘Divine Energy’, hence he possesses choice and intent. Without any inbuilt guidance man needs the light of Wahi to get guidance in this life. The Quran is exactly that guidance which if followed, man can then get rid of the fear and grief existing in the world.
After acquiring Eimaan of the Quran, man is then inclined to do those deeds which help to restore the balance of other human beings. This then helps man to know the problems in the world both physical as well as of the human self. This presentation explains few aspects of these deeds and their impact on the human self.
The Quran tells man that this life of his on this planet has a great purpose if he follows the path of the Quran – he can create a world free from fear and grief – with no conflicts and then he can go on to live an immortal life in the hereafter.
For further study on this topic following books are recommended:
1. What is Islam? G. A. Parwez
2. The Life in the Hereafter: What Does the Quran Say? G. A. Parwez
3. The Human Self and Iblees. G. A. Parwez

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