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Rise and Fall of Nations: The Quranic Perspective (A Fresh Look) – Ejaz Rasool, 13 June 2021

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This presentation covers a number of aspects on the subject and leads to bring out the significance and need for the system of Deen. The Law of Requital as noted in the Quran (e.g. 45:22, 10:44, 46:19, 11:117) is applicable individually as well as collectively.
The state of the world around us in 2021 is a picture of a grossly unjust world where poor human beings are becoming poorer and rich are becoming richer – this is counted by the Quran as a crime against mankind. However, in order to counter this chaos and disorder people who claim to be Momineen need to make efforts and the Quran spells out in detail the procedure for this. This presentation throw light on this procedure and process. Following points are covered briefly in this talk:
1. Why we need to study this aspect?
2. Some crimes quoted by the Quran which lead to fall of nations.
3. Relevant Quranic verses
4. Why human world is in this state?
5. How to get Allah’s help?
6. Significance as a Momin…
Many people may not be aware of the fact that Allah’s help is always available to counter the criminal acts of nations who exploit other human beings and the Quran explains this in detail. For this the first step is to accept Eimaan as noted e.g. in verse (2:177) – explained in this talk. Then do those deeds which help to develop our self and take this developed self to that higher stage where it becomes eligible for Allah’s help. All these developed selfs need to come together to create a group which then works together to counter the forces of Iblees which enslave humanity and think Might is Right – the Quran declares that Haqq always prevails over Batil if human beings are willing to stand up for Haqq.
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