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Sexual Energy and Human Self – by Dr Hamid Mian, 20 June 21 – Tolu e Islam

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This is an important talk on the subject which covers a number of important aspects related to the sexual energy and its importance in regulating individual and collective life. This talk covers some of the following aspects:
1. Analysis is presented from the book titled ‘Sex and Culture by Unwin which throws light on the impact of sexual culture on a society. Dr Hamid Mian explains this aspect in fair amount of detail. Those societies who regulate their sexual activity in a disciplined way grow and maintain their integrity and cohesion better than those who promote unchecked sexuality freedom. Some important points from the conclusions by Unwin are shared in this talk.
2. Dr Hamid then explains that the Quran has put great emphasis on this aspect and asked to avoid any sexual activity outside the one man, one woman relationship that too through a proper marriage arrangement. After marriage the family needs to be planned carefully and thoughtfully just like a farmer who plans his tilth deliberately and carefully in order to get the best reward. Human beings though have an animalistic body, but have choice and intent and should make their choices within the Permanent Values of the Quran. Procreation is an animalistic function which is required to promote the growth of population on the planet, but it has to be within the limits defined by the Quran – planning is part of this process. This way human sexual energies get directed towards social energy which is required in the field of creation – creation should be the aim of mankind.
3. Dr Hamid has also discussed in some detail the impact of not protecting and preserving the sexual energy which then goes wasted if not properly regulated. He goes into some detail to elaborate the impact it has on human psyche. He quotes some verses from the Quran and also quotes two surahs of the Quran which deal with some of these aspects – Surah Yusuf (Chapter 12) and Surah Miriam (Chapter 19).
4. The energy which we conserve by regulating our sexual life within the confines of marriage and then engage in creative activity based on our cognitive abilities, can then be utilised for resolving the challenges of human life – this energy is required to prepare our self for the system of Deen. This aspect if taught properly to our youth, they can benefit a lot right at the outset of their life. Dr Hamid throws some light on this aspect e.g. the developed cognitive abilities (expanded consciousness) will help to further create in the life of the hereafter.

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1. Sex and Culture by J. D. Unwin
2. Islam: A Challenge to Religion by G. A. Parwez, Chapter 18 on Woman.
3. What is Islam? by G. A. Parwez, Chapter 17 on Woman.

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