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Surah 2 Verse 256 (No Compulsion in the Matter of Deen) by G. A. Parwez July 1969 (Edited)

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This audio clip covers the meaning and explanation of the verse (2:256) in detail. A very important permanent value is discussed i.e. there is NO compulsion (Ikrah) in the matter of Deen, whatsoever!

Human beings are given choice by Allah with a view to act in their life as they wish. The world we see around is created through the application of this choice. Whatever good and bad we witness is created by human beings and we have the ability to change this world as we wish. Allah has given us full freedom to make our choices – however, we cannot avoid the effects or consequences of our choices. Good choices will lead to good results and bad choices will lead to bad consequences. This freedom is 100% and Allah never influences our choice – hence, no injustice done to any human being. We do injustice to ourselves and the Quran declares that the law of Requital does not spare any human deed (45:22). For example, when anyone puts his finger in fire, only his finger will burn and he will feel the pain of it.

This verse makes it clear that while man is given choice and he or she is under no compulsion to make this choice in the matter of Deen; however, both paths are also made evidently clear i.e. the path of the Quran and the path which is non-Quranic. The Quranic path is then explained in detail within it. This is called Rushd in this verse. The other path is essentially the path of human desires without the guidance of the Quran and this path leads to error in life.
If we are unhappy with the world created by the pure human intellect then we need to think hard about the system of Deen explained in the Quran. This is our choice and we can make this choice and then join those who have already made this choice. Tolu e Islam is the only platform which puts forward the pure Quran and its concept of Deen.

This audio by Allama Parwez goes into the details of both these aspects.

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