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Surah Ikhlas Chapter 112: Application to the Human Self by Dr Hamid Mian 10 Jan 21

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This talk by Dr Hamid Mian covers issues related to the human self’s development. The general meanings of the verses are first noted and then Dr Hamid goes into the application of these attributes to the human. Human beings have the potentials to create a new self and then be able to develop it with a view to create a world in which human self manifests its Divine Attributes (Asmaa ul Husna). The concept is explained from real life applications. Dr Hamid also refers to quotes from Allama Iqbal and reiterates that this should be the purpose of each of us i.e. to develop a creative self and this will way we will understand the purpose of the human creation. The self which develops on these lines then becomes creative and has a far higher status than merely living an animalistic level. He emphasises through (112:3) that merely having children in life is not going to help develop higher self – man needs to aim very high which should take into its fold the whole of mankind and creative activity to make a better world in the light of the Wahi of the Quran. This involves acquisition of Eimaan i.e. developing conviction in the Quranic guidance and recognising Allah as a higher model possessing a completely developed Self which the human self should follow. Once this new self achieves a certain level of its development then it becomes very creative and the world around us starts to shape into a better world. He points to the limitations of the human intellect without the light of the Wahi and the Wahi expands the horizon of the human intellect and helps to grasp the whole reality of human existence.

The clip also includes questions and answers from some of the participants. This meeting was recorded on Zoom organised by Tolu-e-Islam. For further details visit:

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