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Surah Rad – Verses 10 to 13 – Importance of Collective Human Psyche – E Rasool, 17 Apr 22 – T Islam

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This presentation discusses the meanings of these verses and especially the verse 11 which deals with the fate of nations based on collective human psyche. The Quran has given the principle of the rise and fall of nations in the world. Here the Quran has noted an immutable law that the state of nation does not change until they change their psyche. Psyche here means human Nafs i.e. our self. As every human self is accountable for his or her deeds, hence things change in a nation if majority of people change their psyche and this depends on their choices. Wrong choices lead to chaos and conflicts and good choices help to acquire good. It is that simple.
Many aspects of the human psyche are mentioned which need our reflection.

Link to the previous presentation – verses 1 to 9:


Verses 14 to 17:


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