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Surah Ra’d- Verses 14 to 17- Good for mankind remains on Earth – E Rasool 24 Apr 22 Tolu e Islam

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This talk covers a number of aspects of the teachings of the Quran in some detail. Following are the salient points:

1. Supplications need to be followed by deeds. This world is an arena of actions – humans need to think, reason, plan and then act. Prayers alone have no outcome as these are just desires and words.
2. Everything in the universe follows Allah’s laws – willingly in the outer world. However, its the choice of man whether to follow Allah’s laws willingly or not to follow these willingly or even to disobey these. All laws when acted upon produce an effect as per The Law of Requital (or The Law of Mukafat).
3. Comparison is drawn between blind and seeing to illustrate the importance of the Quran as the Light from Allah.
4. The paths of Haqq and Batil are made clear by the Quran – its our choice as to which path we wish to select and then pursue in our life.
5. Whatever is occurring on the face of the planet earth, everything washes away except the good for mankind. Through progressive evolution things are changing slowly over centuries. However, if human hands join this effort of reformation then things can change for the good of mankind at an emergent evolutionary pace. Those who wish to bring change in the world, need to start working by coming together and build up their selfs in the light of the Quranic values – this will provide them with the understanding of the system of Deen.
For getting Allah’s help as noted in the Quran we need a self which is in life with the value system of Deen – rest follows as we continue our efforts on this path called Siraat e Mustaqeem.

The Quran points to these values and invites us to follow these values to get the results in this life i.e. the life without fear and grief.

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