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The Concept of Allah in Relation to the System of Deen by Ejaz Rasool: 8 August 2021 – Tolu e Islam

In this video

This presentation covers a number of aspects related to the concept of Allah as noted in the Quran. Following is covered in some detail this talk:
1. Two categories of human beings in the world – those who follow their own desires and those who bring their desires within the guidance of the Quran. Two concepts lead to different a self.
2. Existence of Allah and evidence for this
3. Defining Ilaah
4. What is Shirk?
5. Islam is a code of life
6. Why do we need a model in our life?
7. Man must not be a subject of another man as he possesses a self based on Divine Energy (Ruh) – he has the traits of Choice and Intent
8. A glimpse of some attributes
9. Examples to illustrate manifestation of some attributes
10. Where we stand in 2021
11. Conclusion
The concept of Allah noted in the Quran is based on His attributes – some are specific to His Being e.g. He is infinite, the other attributes can be acquired by man to carry out tasks in the world as noted in the Quran. Since man has a self and Allah also has a Self – hence, the Self of Allah serves as a model which helps to acquire these attributes by man within the limitations of a finite being and thus we acquire that self which can carry out all those responsibilities in the human world which are declared by Him to be His responsibilities. This way a companionship is established and the human self which emerges as a consequence of this then goes on to develop further in the life of the hereafter. Those who take over these responsibilities are called Momineen and thus they first understand the system of Deen and then make efforts to establish this system by coming together. All those verses which are addressed to Momineen fall under this category. All the problems and chaos which we witness in the world are created by men who are treating mankind as their subjects – this is absolutely against the Quran!

For further information please refer to the following books:
1. The Human Self and Allah – G. A. Parwez
2. The Human Self and Iblees – G. A. Parwez

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