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The Cruel Life of the Jewish Soldier that Served Hitler

World War II resulted in the greatest loss of life our world has ever seen. Over 70 million people died from the 30 different countries that got involved in the war. But the greatest loss of life was seen in the Jewish community. Hitler’s aim was to completely exterminate Jewish citizens, and he went about his goal with grotesque determination. Approximately six million European Jews were put to rest during the war, and the ripple effect of those unfortunate deaths continue to impact descendants and survivors today. Hitler and other Nazis always claimed to be the superior race, but Werner Goldberg proved that Hitler’s views were 100% created from fiction.

Hello and welcome back to Nutty History, today we’re going to be talking about Werner Goldberg, the Jewish man who briefly served with the Germans, and was held up as “The Ideal German Soldier”.

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