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The Human Self and its Development

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The Quran has stated that the purpose of human creation is to ensure that every Nafs (human self) is made accountable for his or her deeds and no one is treated unjustly (45:22). This is called the Law of Requital. The Quran goes on to explain the functioning of this law in the human world and the human psyche. The Quran tells us that the human life goes beyond the physical death and there are further stages of his self-development awaiting in the hereafter. This clip is a brief talk given in the Tolue Islam convention in Lahore and covers some of these related issues of the human self and its development. Please read the book titled What is Islam by Parwez which covers many other aspects of the Quranic Islam. The book is available free at Islamicdawn.com. Comments are welcome.

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