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The Psyche of a Nation and its Importance – Surah Ar Ra’d – Verse (13:11) by G. A. Parwez – Apr 2022

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This Urdu audio is taken from the lecture by G. A. Parwez delivered in 1974. Part of this verse deals with an important aspect of the rise and fall of nations. The Quran has pointed to the following in this verse:
1. Allah does not change the state of a nation i.e. does not interfere in its affairs until they do something to their collective psyche.
2. When a nation does something to its collective psyche then the state of this nation changes accordingly – so Allah (His law) does it in response to what human beings do in this life to themselves.
3. When humans do something in this world then Allah responds by making an ‘intent’ which is to ensure that human beings get the results of their deeds.
4. Once a nation crosses a defined threshold of decline then there is no question of its going back.

Since this lecture is about the human psyche, therefore a lot is also discussed about an individual self and its development. Education of children mentioned towards the end and needs our attention.

Link to verses 10 to 13:


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