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The Quranic Concept of Eimaan: Impact on Human Psyche by Ejaz Rasool, 30 May 2021

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This presentation covers some important aspects of Eimaan as detailed in the Quran. Eimaan means to acquire conviction through a process of acceptance based on evidence which is in turn based on the guidance of the Quran. An individual who accepts Eimaan without any external compulsion and through the agreement of his own heart and mind is called a Momin. The root of Eimaan is A-M-N which has a number of meanings e.g. having conviction, peace, giving peace, giving security, obedience, to bow down completely, etc. After acquiring Eimaan one should be able to witness the problems created by the non-Quranic minds i.e. which do not possess Eimaan. It should lead to the motivation of solving these problems through the system of Deen and to join those who have Eimaan. Absence of Eimaan, the Quran declares to be the state of Kufr which means such people are going to create problems in the world and the society in which they live. It also means that they do not accept the Law of Requital and live life assuming that it ends with death.
In this presentation following points are covered:
1. Eimaan is defined with its constituents.
2. Basic default status of man and its traits – weaknesses and limitations
3. How our choice and intent are influenced?
4. Basics of a human self
5. What is Birr and how it is acquired – verse (2:177)
6. Eimaan leads to a certain kind of understanding
7. What changes should take place within our self after acquiring Eimaan?

A number of verses are briefly explained to highlight the significance of Eimaan as noted in the Quran.

Three books re recommended for further reading:
a. What is Islam? by G. A. Parwez
b. The Human Self and Allah – G. A. Parwez
c. The Human Self and Iblees – G. A. Parwez

Question and Answer Session:


The life in the hereafter…:


The Law of Requital:

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