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TOLU E ISLAM TALKS _ Permanent Values 1 – An Introduction by Ejaz Rasool, 25 April 2021

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This presentation provides perspective to the Permanent Values detailed in the Quran for the guidance of mankind. In order to understand the importance of these values it helps to understand the man-made systems and their values. It also helps to know the prevalent values which are being followed by individual human beings and how the collective system shapes up in the light of these values.
The talk explains various definitions of values and also lists some of the types of these values. It explains through some verses some permanent values which are put forward by the Quran. The problems faced by mankind are due to the non Quranic values being pursued by those who have acquired power and created a world which is based on this value system that the human life ends with physical death. This in itself is a wrong value which is not based on fact. By virtue of possessing a self – the human life at self’s level does proceed beyond our physical death.
Following are covered in this presentation:
1. Ethical reasoning
2. Prerequisites to the acceptance of Permanent Values
3. Attributes of Permanent Values
4. Barriers to the acceptance of Permanent Values
Following references will help to read further on this topic:
1. What is Islam? by G. A. Parwez
2. Islam: A Challenge to Religion by G. A. Parwez

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