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#UFO #UAP #LIVESTREAM: Interview with James Carrion

#UFO #UAP #LIVESTREAM: Interview with James Carrion

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day, and aloha! UCR is your home for credible news reviews and commentary on everything #UAPs and #UFOs! Your Host Luis Jimenez. And co-host Michael Mataluni! Come aboard, let’s get weird!

Today, we chat with John Ramirez. Mr.John Ramirez served from 1984 to 2009 in the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology, Directorate of Intelligence, and the ODNI National Counterproliferation Center (NCPC). At CIA he was an intelligence analyst and Chief, ELINT Analysis Branch specializing in ballistic missile defense, weapons systems radars, and technical collection operations. At the NCPC he was the SIGINT specialist and the multi-discipline collection requirements, strategist. John is a US Navy veteran in the Electronics Warfare Technician field on board surface ships. John majored in political science and graduated in 1983 from George Washington University, Washington, DC. John is a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and the Central Intelligence Retirees Association.

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