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Urdu Version – Concept of Shaitan & Iblees in Relation to Deen – Ejaz Rasool – 9 Sep 2021

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This presentation was delivered in English and this is the Urdu version of the same except that more details (a bit longer) are provided with examples from the world in 2021.
Iblees and Shaitan are not separate entities existing outside us i.e. as human beings. These are very much two aspects of human emotions and desires and their manifestation in the world through our behaviours.
The Quran has described these in metaphorical style in some of the verses while in others through their actions which can be related to human behaviour all around us. We can also relate our emotiveness to these two aspects.
It is important to understand these two aspects as this then provides evidence for our own behaviour and also the behaviour of others in our real world. As human beings have a self which manifests itself in the outer world through its deeds, hence understanding the thinking behind this behaviour helps to deal with it effectively. Our thinking precedes our actions and the Quran has invited us to bring our thinking within the value system of the Quran. For this we need to create a need for the Quranic guidance and then work for it in case we see benefit in this.
This presentation takes us through various important aspects of the concept of Shaitan and Iblees and brings out the importance of it in the system of Deen. The world around us in 2021 is created by Ibleesi intellect and this is why there is so much injustice and chaos in the world. As a first step we need to think hard on creating a Momin self within us which can comprehend the system of Deen and then prepare it for this system. This is the focus of this presentation.

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