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Urdu Version – Eimaan and Aa’maal e Saleh by Ejaz Rasool – 6 June 2021 – Tolu e Islam

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This is the Urdu version of the original presentation which was delivered in English on Sunday, 6 June 2021.
It covers slightly more details in terms of explanations of various slides. The Quran has emphasised on the combination of Eimaan and Aa’maal e Saleh through out and has linked it to the development of the human self. Saleh are those deeds which are performed after acquiring Eimaan and which lead to restoring balance in a society. These deeds help to understand the issues of a society and then lead to making efforts to establish the system of Deen. Without Eimaan and Saleh deeds human self cannot develop and hence cannot understand the need for the system of Deen.
This combination also helps to understand the Permanent Values of the Quran and the self which develops through this process starts to manifest the Divine Attributes.
Following books can help to understand this concept further:

1. What is Islam? G. A. Parwez
2. The Human Self and Allah, G. A. Parwez
3. The Life in the Hereafter: What Does the Quran Say? G. A. Parwez

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