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Urdu Version – Eimaan: How it affects Human Psyche – Ejaz Rasool, 30 May 2021 – Tolu e Islam

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This is the Urdu version of the English presentation.
Eimaan as referred in the Quran is a process of acquiring conviction in the guidance of Wahi (the Revelation from Allah) with a view to acquire a new self (or ‘new life’) to solve human problems in this world by establishing the system of Deen based on the Permanent Values of the Quran. It has five constituents i.e. Eimaan in Allah, Eimaan in the life of the hereafter, Eimaan in Malaika (forces of nature, etc), the Quran (as a complete Wahi from Allah) and Anbiya (messengers of Allah who brought Wahi to mankind).
The Quran then explains all aspects of Eimaan in various verses which require our reflection and reasoning and in this way the Quran helps us to expand the expanse of our mental horizon. Since each human being possesses a self which has the traits of choice and intent, hence, each one is responsible for his or her deeds in this life. The Quran makes it clear that each human deed has an impact on his self and in this way man either grows or ruins his own self through his own acts. However, if man acquires Eimaan by seeking the Quranic guidance then his deeds go to higher scales – this way his self develops which can then become eligible for further development in the hereafter. The problems created by those human beings who assume that the human life ends with death, the acquisition of Eimaan helps to understand those issues and the Quran has pointed towards this aspect. This talk covers this aspect.
By virtue of possessing a self, man needs a higher model and the concept of Allah in the Quran based on Divine Attributes is exactly the model which man needs to develop his self. This self then displays these attributes within his self (i.e. character) applicable to solve human issues by doing righteous deeds as noted in the Quran – the character which emerges as a consequence of this deliberate effort i.e.the human self reaches a threshold where it can see the human issues clearly. The humanity always suffers under the subjugation of the man-made laws and the Quran is there to remove these visible and invisible chains with which mankind of all times keeps suffering. According to the Quran no human being has the right to subject another human being to his own laws – this stunts human self and its growth! Every human being by virtue of possessing a self has an inherent respect and dignity to which he or she is entitled by birth.
Eimaan in the hereafter is based on the functioning of the Law of Requital and the existence of the human self which has the potential to survive our death. As we become more alive to the effects of our deeds on our self, our Eimaan grows and becomes strengthened – this is discussed in this presentation in some detail.
Malaika are those forces in our world through which we obtain benefits in this life – the visible universe is created for man. These also include those forces which are within our psyche. The Quran also refers to the forces in the life of the hereafter. We can relate to this aspect through science and technology in our earthly life.
The Quran is a complete book of guidance and contains non-human thought – it has all what is required to live this worldly life without fear and grief. It explains the life in the hereafter and explains different states of human consciousness and human self. If man after acquiring Eimaan does righteous deeds then a great future awaits him in the hereafter – the evidence for the hereafter is within the development of this self on this pattern!
The messengers of Allah were human beings and they followed Allah’s guidance – the Quran tells us clearly that if they could follow His guidance so can we!
As long as mankind stays away from the Quranic guidance, the life on this planet will be fraught with fear and grief – fear and grief deliberately created by those who are in power to serve their vested interests. It is up to us first individually to come to the Quran, understand it and then join those who are already on this path.
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