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Urdu Version – Permanent Values 2: The Human Self or Nafs by Ejaz Rasool – 2 May 2021

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This presentation covers a number of aspects of the human self as noted in the Quran. The Quran puts forward an alternative system called Deen for the good of mankind. All that is required at fundamental level to plan, design and establish the system of Deen, the Quran gives its details. It guides human self or Nafs on this path and helps create a new self within him through his own efforts and this self human beings cannot create without the help of the Quran. This is the self which can then help create the system of Deen and all those who have created such a self need to come together to lay the foundation of the system of Deen.
All the issues of poverty, injustice, exploitation, slavery, wars, conflicts at all levels of human existence, human internal cognitive dissonances, cruelty, economic disparities, abuse of all kinds, disrespect for a human child at a fundamental level, ….. are created by human minds and hands. Since man has choice and intent, hence it has nothing within him which can guide him in the challenges of life. Outside the domain of the guidance of the Quran man follows his desires and emotions and his intellect helps him to accomplish these desires. Each human being only considers his own desire and hence those in power create the system which we witness in the world of today. Those who do not approve of what is going on in the world, need to come to the Quran and they will be amazed to find the solution there in concise and precise form by Allah Himself.
Despite death being a fact of life, man outside the Quran can never find the evidence of the existence of the hereafter – it is all explained in the Quran – only man should become a candidate to learn what is there with an open and clear mind.
In this video clip following is covered in fair amount of detail in this clip. Examples have been used from our daily life:
1. Two aspects of life – the existence of the human self and the physical body
2. The relationship between ‘I’ and human brain
3. Some related verses from the Quran
4. What is human default state as noted in the Quran – some points are noted with references from the Quran.
5. Conclusion

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