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Urdu Version – Permanent Values 3: Mukafat e Amal (LoR) by Ejaz Rasool – 9 May 2021

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This is Urdu Version of the talk initially given in English. It covers more details in terms of explanations of various verses and points noted in the previous talk.
The Law of Mukafat e Amal works in the human world and relates to the development of the human self. At fundamental level it states that every deed of man is accountable and it leaves a mark on his or her self. The Quran has declared this to be the purpose of the universe and the creation of Adam possessing choice and intent (45:22). The presentation goes into many aspects of this law and we need to reflect on these points in order to take maximum benefit in our life individually as well as collectively. Understanding of this law makes the understanding of the Quran very easy as the Quran refers to it on a continuous basis.
The man made systems in the world cannot solve human problems on a universal basis and this is why we see conflicts at all levels in the world. The law makes us understand the link between our life in this world and its connection with the hereafter. The human life continues factually at the level of the human self (Nafs) and if we make conscious effort after acquiring Eimaan and then doing Saleh deeds, the new self which emerges gets the assurance of the hereafter (2:4).
Understanding this law takes us to the understanding of the system of Deen. Only through the system of Deen we can resolve human differences as this helps us to understand the purpose of the human creation and sets a lofty goal in front of us i.e. to do what is good for the whole of mankind. Without bringing the concept of Allah and of the hereafter as given in the Quran we cannot bring peace to the human world.
For further details read the following books:
1. What is Islam? Chapter 6 – G. A. Parwez
2. The Life in the Hereafter: What Does the Quran Say? G. A. Parwez

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