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What is Islam? Based on the Quranic Perspective

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This clip is on the book titled What is Islam? by G. A. Parwez. The book has seventeen chapters covering various aspects of the Islam as explained in the Quran. It is about a system in its own right called Deen. Parwez has looked at it incisively and has explained the salient features of Islam which is different from the belief system prevailing under the concept of religious sects. The Quran addresses the human intellect and consciousness and has declared the purpose of the human creation through the Law of Requital i.e. human beings are accountable for whatever they do in this life as they possess choice and intent. This choice and intent helps them to create their own self concept and which in turn leads to their deeds in life. The verse (45:22) states that every self is responsible for its deeds and the system of accountability works so well that no human being will be treated unjustly. Chapter 6 in the book deals with it in detail. Those of us who are interested to wish to explore the Quran with a view to determine the solutions to the human problems in the world, this book provides very good introduction to different aspects including the concept of Allah, hereafter, permanent values, the system of sustenance, the rise and fall of nations and the status of a woman as part of Allah’s equal creation. It is a non religious book exclusively based on the Quran.
Any questions regarding this clip and the issues raised in it should be referred in the comments section below. Dr. E. Rasool.

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