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What is Islam: The Quranic Perspective

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This English version is originally written by G. A. Parwez. The book has 17 chapters and discusses all essential constituents of Islam as revealed in the Quran including Deen as a system, Human Self, The Law of Requital, The System of Sustenance, Permanent Values, Immortality, Woman, etc. The Quran appeals to the human intellect and reasoning to understand it and invites all mankind to ponder over its teaching and values. Since we do not have inner guidance therefore we need external guidance to develop our self and to resolve human issues. Human intellect alone cannot solve human problems alone as it only works for its own interest. The purpose of the human creation is to hold everyone accountable as noted in 45:22. Man is the most important creation in the visible universe as it alone possesses free will i.e. choice and intent. The concept of Allah presented in the Quran is not God as of religions. It is a concept based on Divine Attributes to serve as a model for man to follow these attributes. The book is available free at Islamicdawn.com. Also on Amazon at cost price. Any one interested in getting an alternative view of life – this book is a must read.

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